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HTR-10GT Project

Division of HTR-10GT Project - Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University: Aiming at combining direct helium gas turbine with HTR-10, the Division of HTR-10GT Project is mainly engaged in the research and development of key equipments and technologies for Power Conversion Unit (PCU) of HTR-10GT.


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Integrating Nuclear Energy and Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development.

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Siemens quits the nuclear game
Tuesday, 20 September 2011 08:35

The head of German industrial giant Siemens has said the company will withdraw its remaining nuclear power offerings and leave the industry.


In an interview with Der Spiegel, CEO Peter Löscher said the company was influenced by the Fukushima accident and its impact on the German political situation. But despite these issues, and their effects on utilities' maintenance plans, Siemens had already been restructuring and reducing its specialist nuclear businesses for several years - principally through the merger of its reactor business with that of France's Framatome in 2001, which it pulled out of in 2009 leaving Areva with full ownership and control.

Renewable Energy – A basic explanation Print E-mail
Written by --   

The first offshore wind turbines were installed at Vindeby off the Danish island of Lolland in 1991. The first ten years of the industry saw small projects being built in very shallow water near shore locations. These ‘demonstration’ projects have paved the way for the more recent projects that are of a much larger size.The biggest offshore wind farm yet installed is the 165 MW Nysted development off Denmark which was completed in 2003. There are 22 operational offshore wind farms in the world today. The 388 installed turbines in these projects provide a total of 800 MW.

The UK currently has the second largest amount of offshore wind capacity installed and will overtake Denmark in 2007 to become the world leader. Future prospects for the UK are excellent and government support strong. Other countries set for major growth include Germany and the US.

The Nuclear Fission - a Basic Explanation Print E-mail

The possibility of producing large amounts of energy from nuclear fission lead to the construction of the worlds first nuclear reactor in a squash court in Chicago in 1942. Since then many commercial nuclear power stations have been built around the world. The neutrons produced in a chain reaction are moving too fast to cause further fission in U235 nuclei and they have to be slowed down. This is done by graphite or heavy water and these materials are called moderators.

Wave and Tidal Energy Market Status and Business Potential E-mail
Written by Clixoo   

“The Wave and Tidal Energy – Market Potential and Business Opportunities” is a detailed report on all aspects of using ocean energy as a renewable energy source. This preview provides inputs on focus areas of the report, the complete list of contents, and sample data from each chapter of the report.

Case study of Wind Energy at National Institute of Technology Print E-mail
Written by Akash Joshi   

Owing to acute energy crisis that most developing countries including India are facing today, the interest in alternative energy sources has increased manifolds in the recent past. Wind being a non-polluting and nontoxic energy source, will go a long way in solving our energy requirements. Wind energy can be utilized to windmills, which in turn drive a generator to produce electricity. Wind can also be used for water pumping.

Drake Landing Solar Community

The Drake Landing Solar Community (DLSC) is a master planned neighbourhood in the Town of Okotoks, Alberta, Canada that has successfully integrated Canadian energy efficient technologies with a renewable, unlimited energy source - the sun.


The first of its kind in North America, DLSC is heated by a district system designed to store abundant solar energy underground during the summer months and distribute the energy to each home for space heating needs during winter months.

The system is unprecedented in the World, fulfilling ninety percent of each home’s space heating requirements from solar energy and resulting in less dependency on limited fossil fuels.


Energy Security and Regional Co-operation for Expert Group Meeting on Enhancing Regional Cooperation for Energy Security in Asia and Pacific Print E-mail
Written by FOIZ AHAMED   


1.0 Energy Security

Energy Security can be described as "the uninterrupted physical availability at a price which is affordable, while respecting environment concerns”. Energy security may also be defined as “the availability of usable energy supplies, at the point of final consumption, in sufficient quantity and timeliness so that, given due regard for encouraging energy efficiency, the economic and social development of the country is not materially constrained.”

Physics features comparison of TRU burners Print E-mail

Fusion/Fission Hybrids, Accelerator Driven Systems and Low Conversion Ratio Critical Fast Reactors.
This paper compares different types of TRU burners, sub-critical (as Accelerator Driven Systems and Fusion Fission Hybrids) but also critical, low conversion ratio, fast reactors. To make a significant comparison, it is specified for which objective and within which strategy these systems can be envisaged. Beside intrinsic cost parameters, the associated fuel cycle issues can prove to be crucial for their deployment.



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